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To most people the abilty to take pictures whenever, wherever you want is a plus. Being able to take great pictures with is just icing on the cake. With that being said I want to discuss the camera on the HD2.

The Camera

The HD2 has a 5 mega pixel camera with dual LED flash. It has a widescreen display and can take panoramic pictures. The HD2 also has digital zoom along with a touch to focus camera screen. Just touch the area you want to focus on and the phone does the rest. The camera app has several settings that can be used to change the quality of the pictures. The pictures are clear with lots of vibrant color.  It also can apply different effects to any picture you take. These include Grayscale, Sepia, and Negative. Even at the highest quality setting you can take over 17,000 pictures. (thanks 16gb Sd card)

The Camcorder

The HD2 also come packaged with a video camcorder.  The video maintains the same quality as the pictures. The video is bright and highly defined. The colors do not look washed out and the sound quality is good. Like the camera you can change the quality of the video. Even at it’s highest quality setting the HD2 can still record over 50hours of video (thanks again 16gb Sd card). As an added bonus the HD2 can take video messages. You can record a video message and send it to a friend……or an enemy!

Video can also be immediately uploaded to YouTube.  Here is an example taken from a moving car. (Sorry about the Fire Trucks)

Thumbs Up

  • Many different settings for pictures and video
  • Can take loads of pictures
  • Higher quality pictures on par with digital cameras
  • Can share videos on YouTube quickly

Thumbs Down

  • Smudges on the camera lens will distort the picture
  • Takes a couple seconds to focus

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