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These days everyone is online. I mean, my grandmother has a facebook account. My dad has more online transactions this month then I have had this year.

Now its time to surf better. Lets change the way we surf the web. Different internet browsers exist and the are not difficult to use.

Most people think that internet explorer is the only way to surf the web. Some of the browsers that exist are google chrome, mozilla firefox, opera,and safari

All off these browsers are free.

What is out there

Lets start with one, of my favorites Google Chrome. Chrome is a web browser made by google. Chrome offers a clean clutter free look and is very easy to use.

Chrome screenshot

Another popular browser is Mozilla Firefox. This is like Internet Explorer on steroids. Firefox has a variety of plugins and add-ons to enhance your browsing experience. You and add almost any extension to make your browser so anything you want. Also this browser is highly customizable. There are loads of themes you can apply to it.

Mozilla Firefox screen shot

The next browser is Safari from Apple. This is by far the prettiest of all the browsers. This comes standard on Apple products, from the iphone to the Mac.


These are the three most popular browsers out there. All are free to download. All are faster and more reliable than Internet Explorer. Just try a different browser for a day or two. You may like it. If you don’t then just delete it, no harm, no foul.

You can download the browsers from these sites. Remember they all are free and these links are 100% safe.

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Apple Safari


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